Simon is somewhat of a maverick in the rare book dealing scene; both revered and feared in the auction room, he has been known to travel to the other side of the world on the scent of a rare manuscript. He is also an avid collector of art and decorative objects, many of which inhabit his voluminous Arts and Crafts home in Norfolk, Voewood House. Dealing and the pursuit of beautiful things has been a life long passion, an enthusiam vibrantly channelled through Voewood Vaults.

Voewood Vaults operates from the catacombs of Voewood House in North Norfolk, a tour de force of the Arts & Crafts movement. Owner Simon, and fellow dealer Mary draw inspiration from the idiosyncratic architecture, and their thoughtfully curated, yet diverse offering of art and objects spanning centuries, fuses seamlessly with the eccentricity of Voewood House. 


Mary spent her formative years being reluctantly dragged around auctions and antique fairs by her art loving parents. Fortunately, the antique aversion waned and the juvenile 'eye-training' paid off; she now sources antiques for clients around the world and her particular area of expertise lies in Chinese textiles. Mary can often be spotted scouring for treasure in her natural habitat of auctions, car-boot sales and charity shops...with her lackadaisical young daughter in tow.